Thursday, January 27, 2011

Whole Dog Journal's 2011 Food List is Out!

It's that time of year again!  Each February, Whole Dog Journal (my fave dog-related publication) releases a list of dry foods that they have thoroughly vetted and pass their stringent criteria. I had misplaced last February's copy so when I started my Great Food Experiment with the girls, I was bummed not to have their list to ensure that my selections were also foods that they recommend.   Now it's out, I can compare and am a happy dog owner. 

Unfortunately, you have to subscribe to Whole Dog to get the list of foods but they do offer an online article talking about some of the selection criteria that informed owners may use in selecting their pet's food and how it compares with their criteria.  If you aren't a Whole Dog subscriber, it's one publication that I do recommend and it's only $20 for a year's subscription.  In addition to food recommendations, there are great articles on positive reinforcement training, product reviews, health information and just general good doggie stuff.  I save all of my back copies in a binder (yes, I binder everything) for future reference.  Their monthly journal even comes pre-hole punched.  A company who caters to my tendency to binder...I'm sold!  But enough of my spiel for Whole Dog...

Yippee!  All of the dry kibble foods I have selected for my store (Wellness, Solid Gold, Taste of the Wild, Orijen, Acana, Merrick, and Castor & Pollux) are on the list!  My girls have tried Wellness and Solid Gold so far.  They are still doing superb on the Solid Gold.  Today, I'm switching them up to a different formula of Solid Gold.  I'm going with their MMillenia Beef & Barley formula primarily because they have not had any beef formulas yet as well as wanting to keep them on Solid Gold as the first test to ensure Maggie's now-defunct coat and itchiness problems do not return.  The calorie count is slightly higher than the Hund-n-Flocken (but less than Wellness) so I'll have to keep an eye on Sadie but am not too concerned.  She seems to have gotten back down to ideal weight.  I'll be bringing her in for her weigh-in this week as well so we'll see.


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