Monday, January 31, 2011

Positively Pitbull Stories by Oh My Dog

Last week, we Sadie had the pleasure of being featured on Oh My Dog, a blog I've been following since I entered the wide world of pet blogging.  This is our first post/feature/mention on someone else's blog and I was tickled pink when Maggie from Oh My Dog told us that we were to be her very first positively pitbull story.  I'm so proud of my girl!

Click here for the post.

When her story went live on Friday, I sat her down, showed her the laptop and read aloud.  I would like to think that she was as excited as Mom but well, she knows the story and Choco the wonder puppy was so much more cuddly than boring old click, click, type, type machines.

I can't wait to see what precious pup is featured this Friday on Oh My Dog - what a great idea!  Inspiring me to finish up my Passion for Pitbulls page that I've been working on.  Coming soon!


  1. We saw you over there, and I think you did an amazing job of being pitbull ambassadors. I think since a lot of people don't meet pitbulls in real life, it's nice that we can spread the word via internet.

  2. @Two Pitties in the City
    Thanks, Two Pitties! I share the same feeling about your blog and stories. You have two great examples of how Pitties are wonderful pets and they definitely are breed ambassadors. Keep on spreading the word!