Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Morning Routine

Hubbie gets up at 6am.  Lets Choco, the wonder foster puppy out, and usually Maggie.  Sadie does not like being the first up in the morning.  It's cold (she thinks 40 is cold, god forbid we ever move somewhere with a real winter) and it's not Mom letting me out (she has this strange attachment to me being the one whom she rudely wakes up welcomes the day with).

Hubbie lets dogs back in, dogs go back to sleep with puppy curled up with them, hubbie leaves.

Before the last sound of hubbie's engine fades, Maggie & Sadie run into bedroom.  Mom, wake up!  Wake up!  We're hungry.  If you couldn't tell we were awake, let's dance on the hardwood floors...clickety clack...clickety clack.  GO LAY DOWN!

Puppy arrives last in bedroom and pathetically tries to climb the bed.  Mom lifts puppy into bed to avoid the onset of crazy play time.  He immediately settles in under the covers and starts snoring. 

Maggie & Sadie spend the next precious last hour of Mom's sleep time checking in every 10 minutes to see if she's ready to get up yet.  Mom ignores them and gets no sleep.  Puppy does not stir.  Mom gives up on last hour of precious sleep time at 2nd check-in. 

I'm up...I'm up....might as well write a blog post.


  1. How do dogs have so much energy in the morning?

  2. @Two Pitties in the City
    With my house o' dogs, I'm beginning to believe it's a contest - Who Can Get Mom Out of Bed First Wins! (wins what I have yet to figure out) 'Cause it only takes them 15 minutes of me being up before they are on to their first nap. Gotta love 'em!

  3. Sounds strangely like the morning routine here. Just sub in two crazy cats, a nursing baby & a demanding preschooler. Pretty much even.