Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Goals

I'm usually not a person to set New Years resolutions.  Mostly because past resolutions have involved losing the 10 lbs I've gained since college.  Around each February, I manage to convince myself that gaining only 10 lbs is pretty damn good for a decade of good eating and drinking and, since I've maintained that weight for the last 5 years, that resolution to work out more takes a back seat to my busy life.  So I'd much rather set goals.  Set my target and implement a strategy to achieve it.  For some reason, resolutions and goals seem very different beasts to me.  Probably because I've never successfully kept a resolution but I'm pretty good about reaching my goals.

So here are my goals for 2011:

1.  Open up NoPo Paws.  With my business plan done, products and vendors sourced and the search for funding well under way, I am confident 2011 is THE YEAR for NoPo Paws.  Stay tuned as I get closer to my goal!

2.  Learn some web stuff so that my blog can be all that it can be.  Already ordered a couple books on the subject.  My strategy will be to identify cool stuff I find on other blogs that I'd like to use on mine.    The good news here is that there are so many resources on the web to help first-time bloggers like myself.  If you're an old blog pro, let me know what you found to help you on your way.  I'd sure appreciate it!

3.  Start to share the cool products I've found for my awesome new store with you - I have been thrilled to find responsible companies, products and artisans all committed to preserving our planet and saving animals.  I knew they were out there and it's been a bit easier sourcing products for my store than I expected.  I look forward to sharing my "finds" with all of you.

4.  Teach my girls some new tricks.  I've toyed around with getting some basic agility gear for our backyard.  When we took Maggie to her behavior class last year, she surprisingly took to the jumps.  It would be a great way to strengthen the bond I have with them, challenge them and give them exercise.  Perhaps a certain someone will treat me on my birthday to a basic set...hint! hint!

I think those four goals will keep me active and busy enough that there's no need for silly losing weight, getting in shape resolutions.  I hope 2011 is as exciting and fruitful for all of you as I know it will be for me! 


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