Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Truth about my Big Scary Pitbull; Creature Comforts

The truth is that my Big Scary Pitbull is neither that big nor that scary (Sadie asks that you please, please, please do not share this fact with the postmen, UPS drivers or pizza delivery people).  The truth is that she is a spoiled princess.  Sadie feels that she must always have the comfort of a blanket, dog bed or other creature comfort during her frequent napping.  Last night?  Well, while Choco-dile, the Wonder Foster, was napping on the couch with my "Dogs Don't Belong on the Couch" hubbie, Maggie had commandeered the tiny corner of the blanket hanging off the couch.  This left nothing for Sadie but the bare, cold, hard carpet.  I know...practically torture! So she improvised:

Hmmpphh!  Fine!  Basket of clean laundry suits me just fine.

Or when you dare to take the dogs on your honeymoon and forget the dog beds?

I don't care if there are elk in the woods to run after.  Take me home to my bed!


  1. It's so funny how she can contort her body to become so small. I love the sad little ball posture.

  2. I love how she gets her great big self into such tiny spots...& manages to make it look somewhat comfortable.

  3. She was completely happy to be in the laundry basket and stayed there for hours. It was behind the couch so we didn't notice at first...generally when there's no comfy corner of a blanket to share, we find her upstairs in her bed so I didn't think anything of the fact that she wasn't next to Maggie. Then I got up and found her sleeping quite peacefully. She was a little irritated at the picture taking, though!

  4. Adorable - Corbit weighs like 20 pounds more than her but somehow curls up tinier than Reesie... perhaps he is part pit.

  5. So cute! One resourceful girl, that Sadie is.