Friday, April 29, 2011

Hurley's Song

The hubster, in all of his musical glory, found the mostest amazingest "Hurley" song.   This is one of the most touching scenes of Lost - when Hurley is listening to this song on his head-phones soon after the crash.  It's called "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy, and is also known on the interwebs and in Lost lore as "Hurley's Theme".

Please enjoy.  Hurley did.  The minute Dad started playing the song, he settled down from barking and nipping at the girls to quietly bob his head. Seriously, he bobbed.

Best part?  This is also the scene when Walt and his dog, Vincent, are reunited.

Hurley has his song!

PS:  I miss Lost.  Seriously, it's not fair to make that good of a show and not make it last forever.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

What's in a Name

"A Rose by any other name"....I have always found the process of naming my pets to be simultaneously a challenge, a worry and a fun brainstorming session.

It always goes like this:

The hubby and I sit down on the couch and throw out names.  This is a process that takes hours, if not days.  We both toss out names, each has the right to say no to the other's suggestions and we settle onh the short list before making the final selection.  For us, the names generally come from songs.  See, we like to have all of our dogs to have their own song.  Maggie has Maggie's Farm (Dylan).  Suzy was Suzy Greenberg (Phish) (though our friends named her, not us).  Sadie came to us already as Sadie so the closest we have come to her own song is Sexy Sadie (Beatles), which I personally hate so can someone please record a better Sadie song??  Kthx.

The other night when we started out the naming process, we started with our old standby - music.  But the brain-storming session quickly moved to TV and movie characters, the new MLS team here in Portland and other randoms.  Ultimately, Hugo/Hurley just fit (Lost, anyone?).  His official name is Hurley 'cause who gives their dog two names but I will likely call him both.  When the hubbie started throwing out Desmond and Jack, I just said, if we're going with Lost, he's gotta be Hurley/Hugo.   Doesn't he look like a Hurley/Hugo?

Here, in all of its glory, is the "short list".



Timber ho

Taj Mahal




Rutherford the Brave

Now comes the real challenge...finding a Hurley/Hugo song so that he's got his own song too.

What are your dog-naming traditions?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Hurley

Our new puppy and the hubbie's "Congrats on opening your store" present.  In Love!!!!  (with both puppy and hubbie)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Video-Style

Check out this awesome new trick that Maggie spontaneously busted out and I labored hours over to perfect.  She's the smart soccer dog; I'm the idiot jumping around (in case you couldn't tell).  She follows my jumps side to side and even corrects herself if she starts jumping to the wrong side. 

Please pardon the random video of our lawn and patio in the midst of all the soccer fun (the best view of the "trick" is toward the end).  No time to figure out video editing software and the hubbie is quite the excellent videographer.  :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

NoPo Paws Blog is Up

Why Hello, Interwebs.  How I have missed you!

Sorry for my absence from the blog for the past few weeks.  I have been hard at work on the new store.  Lots of painting, some more painting, just when I thought I was done with a paintbrush, comes the staining and the finishing.  Not done yet but we're getting close!

I've started up a blog for the new bizness.  This blog will contain goings-on at NoPo Paws, product reviews, etc.  I will likely cross-post at times but I do want to keep a more personal focus on this blog.  Married with Dawgs will continue to be the place I talk about my fosters, my own girls and anything else I want to talk about!  Please check out the new blog for my bizness - I promise there will be lots of fun things happening there.  And in all honesty, I'm probably going to be more active over at NoPo Paws for a little while.  But once I get back into fostering, you can all expect to see lots more posts from me here.  Speaking of which, have I mentioned how much I miss fostering???  It breaks my lil heart to get emails from OFOSA notifying us fosters of their incoming dogs and not be able to say, sign me up!  It's all for good reason - I've been way to busy these past couple of months but I look forward to getting back into the swing of fostering.  These doggies deserve it!