Friday, April 29, 2011

Hurley's Song

The hubster, in all of his musical glory, found the mostest amazingest "Hurley" song.   This is one of the most touching scenes of Lost - when Hurley is listening to this song on his head-phones soon after the crash.  It's called "Wash Away" by Joe Purdy, and is also known on the interwebs and in Lost lore as "Hurley's Theme".

Please enjoy.  Hurley did.  The minute Dad started playing the song, he settled down from barking and nipping at the girls to quietly bob his head. Seriously, he bobbed.

Best part?  This is also the scene when Walt and his dog, Vincent, are reunited.

Hurley has his song!

PS:  I miss Lost.  Seriously, it's not fair to make that good of a show and not make it last forever.


  1. It's such a nice song I loved the show, you are right, they should run it for ever!!!
    I'm glad that Hurley likes it too :)

  2. We loved LOST! It was a really unique show - entertaining, intriguing and intelligent.