Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus!

We, the dogs of Married with Dawgs, would like to take this opportunity to air some grievances:

Sadie's Grievances

Mom & Dad: Diets Suck.  The vet is stupid and she doesn't know what she is talking about.  I have earned my pudge, thank you very much.  Also, the lack of indoor doggie plumbing is practically barbaric.  What? Do you think we are wild animals doing our business in the Great Wet Winter?  Please remedy this situation immediately.

Hurley:  Please stop eating my food and licking my bowl.  Sometimes a girl likes to lick her own bowl, ya know what I mean?  And sometimes I'd like to play tug with Mom too, OK?  That last one goes for you too Maggie.

Maggie's Grievances
Mom:  I would appreciate a little more sympathy for my recent pad injuries.  I have been investing a good amount of my nap time to making sure my paw heals nicely through thousands of tongue licks.  Yes, my tongue has extraordinary healing powers.  Please stop wrapping my paw and laughing at me. 

Dad:  Fetch once a week is six times not enough.

Hurley:  Seriously.  We all like to tug with Mom & Dad.  How 'bout taking turns, an equal number of turns?  It's really the fairest solution.  Also, would it kill you to let me win at tug every once in a while?  It's not befitting a dog of my stature to be dragged around the house like that.

Hurley's Grievances


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Puppy Man Cave

This is Hurley's Puppy Man Cave, also known as the space underneath my counter.

It makes him very happy.  I mean, really, what dog wouldn't be thrilled to have their very own puppy man cave? 

My hope is that having his very own cozy puppy man cave will help Hurley progress on his journey towards accepting other dogs in the shop.  Actually, he would totally accept them all, if they would all accept him charging at them like a wild beast & barking as soon as they entered the store.  If they're cool with that rude greeting, he calms down and then wants to play.  If they're not, well, you can imagine. 

So our focus has been creating his safe & cozy place & training him to remain in that safe & cozy place whenever a dog comes in.  To ensure that he stays, he's tethered and I have a barrier at the edge of the counter so that he can't see the other dog.  He's been doing great with this arrangement & I can see how content he is hanging out by my side.  He's even beginning to show that he understands that staying under the counter is his job when a dog comes in.  One step closer to a bark-and-charge-free zone!