Thursday, January 27, 2011

This Is What It's All About

Remember Josephine and GenaThe lab puppies we had over Christmas?  This week I had the pleasure of getting updates on both of them.  Seeing how they are doing, receiving pictures and updates from new parents.  Now THIS is what it's all about.  I think they call this the Reward part of fostering.  Tastes much better than a biscuit!

I'm right at home!

This past weekend, I heard from Tammy, who adopted Gena.  Tammy's up near Seattle so I got to spend an extra week with Ms. known as that the rescue could spay her before she traveled to her forever home, which was a treat for me. Riley is doing awesome in her new home, progressing well on her basic training and is getting to do lots of cool things like meeting cats and going to puppy classes.  She's obviously a much beloved puppy, surrounded by toys.

The update on Josephine was completely unexpected.  I had stopped in at the rescue to drop off a few extra supplies I had and pick up some more food for Choco.  Out comes a woman holding a black lab.  I ask who this sweet girl is and she tells me Emma, well, she used to be Josephine.  My heart stopped for a nano-second as I thought they might be returning her but the woman wasn't the young woman who was part of the couple adopting her.  Turns out she had her spay surgery that day and Grandma was helping take her home.  She is sooo big!  I didn't have my camera on me to take a picture but she's about 20 lbs now.   I wish I could say she remembered me...maybe she did...or maybe it was just the anesthesia.  Either way, it was a treat getting to see her again - something I never thought would happen.  Her name is now Emma and she too is living large with her new mom & dad.  Dad was there and you could tell he was absolutely in love with her.

So as I inevitably move closer to losing Choco to his forever home, today I feel uplifted and re-energized.  It's not about how much I adore these puppies - it's about finding them all forever homes to love them even more. 


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  2. Was looking over your blog and loved the "About Me" section. Good luck on your new business and we agree with the blessings and love that a dog can give and hope to spread the word a little more.

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  3. It's so hard to give up foster pups to their forever families while at the same time being the most inspiring and rewarding part of the whole process! My heart is with you on your journey!! Wonderful blog!!!