Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Predictions for Hurley

1.  Hurley will have emergency surgery because of something he ate at least 2 times, which in my opinion is a conservative estimate. At the tender age of 4 months, he has already tasted the following:

Dead seagull
Horse poop
My razor blade
A steak knife handle
Broken glass from a vase he broke and then paraded around the house carrying said broken glass

No, we are not trying to kill our puppy. I promise we aren't! In all of those instances, we caught him poste haste.  Our watchful eyes are apparently not much of a deterrent.

2.  Hurley will eat the Thanksgiving turkey (prediction courtesy of the Hubster).  You see, Hurley seems to believe we are starving him with a mere 4-5 cups of food per day. He has let us know this is clearly not enough by:

Breaking into the girls' food bin at least half a dozen times.  And teaching himself to open the door to the back room (it doesn't latch most of the time) to get to said food bin.

Since this has only resulted in him gorging himself once, he also has become adept at counter surfing (hence the steak knife handle chomping incident) & I'm pretty sure he figured out today that if he knocks food off without also knocking off dishes, he gets a little more nosh time before we come running.   

3. Hurley will be the reason why I take a hiatus from gardening.
  He has no qualms about digging under or jumping over the picket fence, installed specifically for keeping our dogs out of my garden.  He also likes to dig, poop, romp & chew things while in my dying garden.

4.  Hurley, when not being mischievious, will be the world's laziest dog.  He already struggles in a mere 80 degree heat & really is mostly perfectly behaved at the shop with me.  And by mostly perfectly behaved, I mean mostly in some state of slumber.  

5.  Hurley will not pass his canine good citizen test at a year old.
  I laugh at myself for setting that goal a few months ago. See #1-4 for reasons why.  But he will eventually.  Of that, I am determined.

6. Hurley will be a snorer.  A loud snorer. A wakes himself up from dead sleep loud snorer.  

7. Hurley will get himself stuck in the following places:

Under the bed
Under the futon
Under the back deck
& under anything else 10" or less from the ground or that he can dig himself into, which brings me to my next prediction:

8.  Hurley will dig himself out of the back yard.

It's a good thing he's so darn cute!


  1. Hi Y'all,

    What I found worked with the mischievious young is first to crate train them and secure them there when not attached to me.

    Second if not in the crate, fasten a lead to myself. With the dog attached to me, it is easier to watch and be aware and harder for the pup to indulge in dangerous antics.

    Good luck with,
    BrownDog's Human

  2. Thanks for the tips! We are crate training him and tethering has worked wonders when he is in the store with me. He's just so fast - I swear most of these things have happened in less than 15 seconds! He seems to have a sixth sense the second our attention is diverted.

  3. I find that I can often think of nothing else to say than "oh, Hurley" when I read your blog. At least you have fair warning!