Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hurley's First Beach Trip

The hubster ended up coming home a day early from his camping trip with Hurley - something to do with rain, wind, and the tent blowing over.  While this meant that Hurley didn't get to experience the beach solo with his pops, it did mean that we all got to go as a family yesterday.  It was a gorgeous day - 65 and sunny - and we found a new spot just north of Seaside where we could drive the Jeep directly onto the beach.  It is nice to be able to drive up to our spot and let the dogs go crazy without bothering any other folks.  And Sadie does go crazy - about 10 miles away from our final destination, she started the "Sadie's going to the beach" freak-out, which consists of heavy panting, whining, pacing and almost hyper-ventilating.   But when we opened the back of the Jeep, her little freak-out turned into full-speed zoomies and a look of complete bliss.   The three of them ran for pretty much the next two hours without stopping - except for the seagull-chomping incident.  I guess Hurley didn't read my letter.

Here are some shots of our excursion.  I posted tons more on our Facebook page - while you're checking them out, you should also "Like" us.  Hurley would appreciate it!


  1. Oh my!! They look like they're having a BLAST! What a fun family activity for the weekend!

  2. That looks like so much fun! I love hitting the beach in the of season with the pups, but there isn't anywhere around here that we can visit when I actually want to go to the beach. I'd love an open stretch of sand without a crowd around me!

  3. @Maggie
    They did have a BLAST! Still sleepy today - well, the girls are. Hurley's still going strong!

  4. @Of Pit Bulls and Patience
    This was the first time we hit up this stretch of beach in Oregon. I too was surprised at how empty it was - we lucked out!