Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear Hurley: Your First Weekend Away

Dear Hurley,

I know that you have no idea how awesome your weekend is going to be.  Your first road trip, your first experience with the ocean, your first camping trip.  This weekend is going to be filled with firsts and I'm not going to be there to enjoy it with you.  I know that you and Dad will have tons of fun on your boys trip together but I want you to be good for him.  So that Dad doesn't have to spend too much time teaching you how to behave, I wanted to give you some pointers:

1. A 5 1/2 hour road trip is pretty long, dude.  I know you will get bored.  But please enjoy the chewies Mom is sending with you guys and try not to bother Driving Dad, ok?  Don't worry - he will stop tons of times so you can enjoy the scenery on the way.

2.  The tent is for sleeping.  Please don't pee in it or chew on it.  K?  Thx.

3.  Please don't venture very far into the ocean.  I know waves are fun to chase but they're pretty strong too and you're still a little guy.

4.  Please don't eat any dead things you find on the beach.  There will be tons of driftwood so stick to the sticks and stay away from the gross.

5.  It gets dark at night on those camping trips.  Stay close to Dad and the campfire, K?

6.  Can you keep Dad warm at night?  Cuddling is a camping tradition that I'd like you to enjoy.  I know Mom cuddles best but give Dad a chance.  He's not too shabby.

7.  If you sit nicely while everyone is eating, someone will toss a bit to you, whether Dad likes it or not.  If you're a pain in the rear around food that you normally are, chances are you'll get put away in the tent with your chewies so be wise, young man, and beg nicely.

8.  This is your Dad's friend's wedding weekend.  Please, please, please do NOT be a little sh** during the ceremony and F it up.  Seriously.  Be good.

9.  Remind Dad to take lots of pictures.  Keep bugging him about the guest post on Mom's blog so everyone can hear all about your camping adventures!

10.  Have fun!

I know you and Dad are going to enjoy your trip together.  But don't enjoy it too much - it is much more fun when Mom's around ('cause I always cook bacon and you might not know this yet, but buried bacon grease = doggie buried treasure).

I love you little guy!


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  1. Oh, how sweet!! I bet they'll have a great time, though I'm sure Hurley will miss you! And I look forward to the guest post about the camping adventures!!