Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mississippi Street Fair

I posted this on NoPo Paws blog but wanted to share with Married with Dawgs followers 'cause there are some pretty fantastic pics of Hurley.  He did an amazing job being calm at the Street Fair and was happy to say hello to just about everyone.  You can check out NoPo Paws at and/or  On the blog, I post a monthly newsletter as well as product reviews.

We had a fantastic time at this year's Mississippi Street Fair.  It was a successful event for us.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!  The best part of the Fair?  Superstar Hurley stopped by in the afternoon and was the perfect puppy, saying hello to all the passersby.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day here in Portland - which helped draw an extra 20,000 folks down to Mississippi for an astounding 50,000 attendees!  We'll definitely be participating in the Street Fair again next year.  

Next up on our schedule?  The Overlook Street Fair on July 30th.  This year, the Overlook Village Business Association is closing down Killingsworth for the very first time.  It promises to be a great event and we hope you can make it!

NoPo Paws Booth

This little guy insisted upon drinking out of the big dog bowl!

The Crowd from Hurley's POV
A Punk Rock Chinese Crested stopped by to say hello!
Hurley sneaking in a quick kiss.  I would've kissed her too - she was quite pretty.

Who's the most adorable puppy in the world???
Hurley manning the booth

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  1. What a great time. I wish there were more dog friendly events around here.