Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Dogs, 1 Toy

One of the unexpected joys of our 3-dog household has been Sadie's sudden interest in toys.  Prior to Hurley, Maggie hogged all the toys and Sadie was A-OK with that.  With Hurley in the picture, Sadie has realized that she can haz toys too.

Toy time generally goes like this:  I entice Sadie/Hurley with a toy, Maggie steals it within a nano-second, Sadie & Hurley chase Maggie to try and get the toy, all 3 engage in tug o' war for a few minutes, Maggie & Hurley start bitey mouth game over the toy, Sadie circles for a few minutes and when Maggie & Hurley are sufficiently distracted by bitey mouth, she steals the toy and zooms triumphantly around the house/yard.  Maggie steals the toy back and the game starts all over again.  I always enjoy this - even when it occurs at 6am in the morning.

 This is seriously the most awesome game ever.  Now if only I could get them to all chase each other's tails in a giant circle, my life would be complete.

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  1. It is interesting what a new dog will introduce.

    Katy didn't play with toys before she came to us from rescue, but she became facinated by Bailey's toy box. She started digging out toys we hadn't seen since Bailey was a pup. Of course Bailey had to show they were "his" toys and romps began.