Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow Day

I'm definitely like a little kid when it comes to snow.  I *hopefully* believe the TV forecasters, who inevitably get it wrong, look forward to excuses not to leave the house (snow day!) and get uber disappointed when the snow doesn't materialize.  

We get about one snowfall per winter and I was beginning to think, nearing the end of February, that it just wasn't going to happen this year.  I mean, we got 2 feet a couple years back - doesn't that make us "good" for the next decade?  

But this morning, we awoke to about an inch of the white stuff. 

For anyone who doesn't share my belief that dogs are much like children, I give you Exhibit A.  Dogs act EXACTLY like kids when it comes to snow.  They watch the flakes from the window, looking back at you about every 5 seconds with the "Can we go outside yet?" face.  The minute the back door opens, it's zoomies all over the yard.  

Sadie attempts to "play" with the snow.  She zooms around the yard, occasionally trying to "pick up" the snow and toss it in the air. 

Maggie, being the smarter one, has figured out that snow is like ice - frozen water (and ice is one of her favorite snacks).  She would likely be a better snow plow than Portland's lame excuse at winter weather management (not that it was needed this time around) and would eat us out of a true blizzard.

OK, Spring.  You can come now! 


  1. We'll happily share some of the Chicago snow with you! ;-)

  2. @Amanda Zumwalt
    I'm opening up a store in Portland, OR in about 2 months time. Stay tuned for more info coming on my blog!