Monday, February 21, 2011

Ritual de lo Bath-itual: Rustico Natural's Smelly Dog Soap

I just received a free sample of a Rustico Natural's Smelly Doggie Goat's Milk Shampoo Bar, a soap for dogs I will be carrying in my store.  Sample + Stinky Sadie = Product Testing.  Time for a Bath!

I gathered all necessary supplies.  Towels, toothbrush & paste, brushes and treats.  Oops, can't forget the treats.

Started the tub a-fillin' and lured Sadie in with the treats.  She's the easy one.  She can be lured - even if she has this crazy face.

Maggie on the other hand will have nothing to do with treats when it's bath-time.  I try to mix up the ritual and catch her off-guard.  No go.  She has a sixth sense about when Mom's calling her for a bath so it often ends with me dragging her.  Luckily, today it was Sadie in need of some sprucin' up.

It is my goal to someday train Sadie to jump in the bathtub.  Until that miracle happens, I lift her front paws in, then her back.  She doesn't protest but she sure doesn't help.  I believe this falls into the "I will do whatever Mom wants to make her happy" category, not so much the "I love baths!" category, if there is such a category.  You will probably never see pictures of Maggie during bath-time here on the blog.  She wouldn't allow me to dry my hands, pick up the camera, turn it on, focus, zoom in and out and finally take that picture without jumping out and making a total mess of the bathroom.  Sadie just stands there, giving me this look.

Today I was testing out these dog soaps made by Rustico Natural.  Their goat's milk soaps are hand-made and 100% natural.

What do I like about these soaps?  A) Handmade in the USA, specifically New Mexico B) I actually know what all the ingredients are and C) Cute paw design in eco-friendly packaging.  Win, win, win in my book.  But I did have some concerns about how these soaps would perform.  Will they penetrate the coat?  Rinse off easily?  Will she smell so fresh and so clean afterwards?

Sadie stood patiently in the bathtub as I tried out the new soap and I have to say...besides having the bestest dog in the world who will patiently allow me to do things to her that she clearly hates...besides that....these soaps are GREAT!  Usually, I pour a bit of shampoo onto the back and then have to massage it around.  By the time I get to nether regions and stomach, it's a little difficult to spread around effectively.  Generally, she ends up with a LOT of soap on her back, not so much on the legs and belly.  With the bar soap, I just massaged the bar all over her coat and felt it was much easier to lather up the areas that are harder to get wet and soapy.  When it came to rinsing off, piece of cake.   Sadie came out smelling fresh and clean and I felt bath-time was much, much easier all around.  So easy in fact that we spent 20 minutes blow-drying.  I love me a fluffy, blow-dried Sadie!

Her fur is as soft as soft can be.  She is clean, soft & cuddly!

I highly recommend this soap.  It smells fantastic, is eco-friendly, cute, effective and easy to use!  Until my store is open, you can grab yourself a bar directly from Rustico Natural's etsy site for $6.00 a bar.  They donate $1 of every purchase to their local rescue organization Pet Guardian Angel ( How cool is that??


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