Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This Sunday marked the first "Meat Sunday", as I have deemed it.  My weekly commitment to giving the girls some home-cooked meals. 

This week I started out with chicken.  The hubbie and I were having Chicken Parm with Roasted Aspargus so I sauteed a bit of the chicken for the girls, sans cheese, breading and sauce.  Following up last week's post on Sadie's love of veggies and the coincidence of me cooking asparagus a few days later, I gave Sadie one of the ends that I cut off.  She chomped on it for about 2 seconds, dropped it and looked up at me, with what I thought was a "can I have another" look.  So I gave her a second one.  She promptly dropped it.  This time, I realized the look was "I love you so much Mom, I will take whatever you give me and pretend to enjoy it because I want you to be so very very happy."  Yup.  Turns out she doesn't like asparagus - she just really loves making Mom happy.  I went back into the kitchen, she gobbled up the asparagus and trotted after me with a "See, Mom.  I ate it like you wanted.  Are you happy?" wag to her tail.  I don't have a veggie-loving Pittie.  I have a Mom-I'll-do-whatever-it-takes-to-make-you-happy-even-if-it-means-eating-gross-asparagus Pittie.

Back to the home-cooked goodness, veggie-free.
Sauteed chicken with a raw egg topper for coat health

I'm using the home-cooked proteins as a food-topper.  Dog nutrition is something I am learning more and more about but am not 100% confident in my ability to include all of the necessary ingredients in the right proportions to properly nutrition-ify my girls.  Did you know they need so much calcium that all home-prepared meals should include some sort of bone meal?  Or that they really need organ meat as part of their mix of proteins?  These are the things that I am slowly learning enough about that at some point, I will completely remove the kibble portion of their Sunday dinners but for now, I am simply reducing the kibble by about 1/3 and adding 1/2 cup home-prepared goodness to their dishes. 
Please don't make us sit too long for this yumminess!

I decided to include a raw egg each week to help with Maggie's coat health.  Because she has had food intolerance (we think) issues and chronic itchiness, I am hoping the egg will help to prevent those issues from re-occurring. 

So far so good.  Unless you have a problem with this:

Something smells delish!

That was Sadie as we sat down to dinner last night.  Monday night, not Meat Sunday night.  I hope one home-cooked meal per week doesn't elicit this response every time I turn on the stove!


  1. Gus has food allergies and we went through a terrible few months of itchiness, loss of hair and soft stools. We switched him to grain-free commercial dog food (previously ate homemade) and he's been perfect ever since.

    Best of luck to you! Food intolerance is tricky...it's hard to pinpoint what they're intolerant of!

  2. This is always something I was interested in doing, but I think I'm a bit too lazy--I can barely cook for us. Though I wonder how our dogs would do because they will eat anything, but seem to have sensitive stomachs.

  3. I too was concerned about whether or not we would have any issues with sensitive stomachs. So far so good! I did try homemade organic dog biscuits once and that was disastrous but they seem to handle different proteins very well.

  4. I was trying to figure out how to message or email you, do you have your email on your site...? Anywho. Hit me up - I have a few questions.