Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

The Hubster had quite the awesome Sunday morning with lil man Hurley.  So awesome in fact, I made him write a guest post, knowing I could never fully capture the awesomeness myself.

Our beloved sixth month old puppy was super excited to get the day started this morning.  He didn't seem to care that it was raining, that it was Sunday, or that it was 5:00 a.m.  No, he was ready to go, and was hell bent on getting us (me) up before sunrise.  Being the fantastic hubby that I am, decided to get up to appease the whining giant.  You can try to ignore his cries, but he usually wins, quickly.  Even if I do let him cry it out, it is never worth it because now I have a cranky wifey on my hands.  Lose-lose situation.

So I got up, muttered some incoherent complaints, and got to work.  In no time Hurley was fed, let out, had a wrestle with the girls, got muddy, got towled off, and given a pat or two .  Mission begrudgingly accomplished.   I promptly went back to sleep on the couch fully ready to seize the day by napping and watching some football (Go Patriots!).

I was awoken from my slumber an hour or two later by Sarah's famous Eggy Cheesy Goodness.  All was forgiven.  How can a man stay mad when there is bacon involved?  Sarah left for work just before ten.  (Have I mentioned how much I love being on the West Coast for football season?  Football starting at 10?  Yes please)  I thought it would be a good idea to walk Hurley before I settled in to "tire him out".  Maggie seemed like she really wanted to go too, so I got them both saddled up in their harnesses.  BTW, I still have no idea how to correctly put these things on, it takes me forever and the dogs look like they are part of some weird S&M experiment when I'm done.

We got out the door without anyone pulling me down the steps.  Yay!  This might be an successful walk.  We made it several blocks with no one pulling, barking, or chewing anything they shouldn't be.  Success!  I took the pups up to the school by our house and let them run for a bit in the soccer field.  They ran around for awhile and when it was time to go Maggie came right back when I called. Sweet.  Hurley was tricked into coming back by chasing Maggie's leash which was still attached.  I'll take it.

There were still a few minutes left before second half, time to head home.  We got all the way back to our street, everyone on a loose leash.  I AM the dog whisperer I thought to myself.  Home stretch.  That's when we round the corner by the house with the chickens.  I was ready this time.  We picked up the pace and I tried to make sure all attention was on me. I called Maggie's name and she looked right at me, "good girl!".  Hurley was lagging a little behind but his attention was on Maggie.  I looked around and there were no chickens to be seen.  Relax, almost home.  Hurley was still not caught up, so I moved him to my right hand side and Maggie to my left.  Maggie still had her eyes focused on me.  "Good girl!"

Very proud of herself, she wagged her tail, looked at me, and promptly walked straight into a shrub.  I heard some rustling in the leaves under the shrub and thought nothing of it.  Hurley did not like this noise one bit and let out his best big boy bark.  This scared the living sh*t out of a squirrel who leaped in the air and landed straight on my chest.  I am pretty sure I screamed like a seven year old girl and batted this evil rodent to the ground.  Let's just say the last half block back to the house was not my most successful dog walk ever.  I got the harnesses off, let everyone out for a pottie break, and plopped back down on the couch. I am so ready for some football. 


  1. Ha! Great story. I got up at 4 a.m. on accident and spent the first 90 minutes of my day meeting the various needs of all of the cats. I'm thinking of having new business cards printed - my title shall be "cat servant".

    Happy Football Sunday :)

  2. HAHAHA! I can't stop laughing, though I know I'd do the exact same thing, and be attacked by my own dogs in the process. Go Pats!

  3. OMD!! How you managed to survive that one is way beyond me!! I know there is no way my dogs would just let that fly, they'd be tearing me up and dragging me down the road if a squirrel ever jumped on me. Sorry, but that was just too funny!!

    Hope you enjoyed the game after that crazy adventure!

  4. The Hubster and Maggie seem to have quite the adventures together. Someday, I'll have him do a post on the time she caught a fish.

    Go Pats!

  5. Hi Y'all,

    Even I'm BOL!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  6. I love when the hubbys post! Cute!