Friday, September 16, 2011

Foto Free Friday: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

What was Photoless Tuesday has now become Foto Free Friday.  Why?  'Cause alliteration rocks!

I am the one in the house that always breaks the no dogs on the furniture rule.  Really, it's less of a rule these days than a guideline.  Or maybe it's more of a no dogs on the furniture when the Hubster is around rule.  I am constantly inviting the dogs up for a cuddle when I'm watching a movie, playing around on the interwebs or writing a blog post.  The girls are so used to this that they automatically jump off the bed when they hear the Hubster approaching.  Sadie in particular gets this adorable "I'm so sorry Daddy for breaking the rules" guilty look on her face and slinks off the bed in shame.  One might say that I'm making things confusing for them (though I stick to it being the Hubster who is confusing things) but the girls seem to understand that Mom cuddles in bed and Dad doesn't.  I do wholeheartedly agree that no dogs sleeping with us is a good rule to have in a 3 dog household.

So imagine my surprise last night, when I enter the bedroom to see Hurley stretched out beside the sleeping Hubster.  In the spirit of breaking rules, I decided to let him sleep with us for the night (really, it was the Hubster who made that decision; I just didn't un-make it).  And as much as I wanted photographic evidence of this phenomena, even more important than letting sleeping dogs lie is letting sleeping husbands sleep.

All my attempts to get Hurley to give up his spot next to Dad and settle at the end of the bed where met with outright, dead-weight refusal.  That not-so-little-anymore puppy refused to give up his spot.  I cajoled, I tugged sheets and blankets, no dice.  Finally I gave up, retrieved a blanket from the sofa and settled in to a tiny corner of the bed with Hurley snuggled between us.  My defeat was my victory.  As soon as I was settled, Hurley scootched to the end of the bed and proceeded to drape himself over the Hubster's sleeping legs.

And this morning, for the first time in almost 5 months, it was the alarm clock that woke us up, not Hurley.


  1. Awww...Ginger got into bed last night before Daniel and settled on his side of the bed. We managed to scoot her to the middle of the bed but by the end of the night, she'd completely scooted Daniel out of bed. He ended up on the couch. Probably why he doesn't want the dogs sleeping with us. :)

  2. @waldobungie

    I won't tell the Hubster that story! He may never let an occasional slumber party happen if he knows he might get kicked out! :)