Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catchin' Treats

So the Hubster and I have commented several times about how Hurley will never be the treat catcher his big sister Maggie is.  Today, while we were practicing Look and Heel, I noticed how really awful Hurley was at trying to catch treats, often snapping at the air before the treat's even left my hand.  So I decided to make a video about Hurley's subpar treat chomping reflexes.  It's not a bad thing to have a good laugh at your puppy's expense every day now and then.

This is the first take, first try.  What does the little booger do?

Yup, he catches the treat.  On the very first try with the camera on.  Natural performer or just dumb luck?


  1. Nice work! Its so much fun when dogs catch treats--Lamar's a pro at it. Fozzie doesn't even try--the treats hit him in the head every time!

  2. @Kirsten (peacefuldog)

    Fozzie sounds like Sadie. But she actually cowers away from the flying treat. Catching & fetching just ain't her thing!

  3. Oh my. I do remember these days...

    And then I tried popcorn. Plain, of course. It floats instead of falling.

    BAM superstar treat catcher: Elli Mae. :)