Thursday, January 19, 2012


Yup.  It happened.  We got snow!  This after the weather idiots told us that nothing would, in fact, stick.  No, we didn't get socked like Seattle but we did get an inch or two, which began melting as soon as it started sticking and was gone by mid-day.  But hey, I'll take it! 

With white stuff actually on the ground, Hurley could no longer ignore snow.  So what did he do?  In true Hurley fashion and like his big sis, Maggie, he ate it.  Round and round the yard he walked, making sure not one corner of snow tasted differently than the other.

Snow, check.  Now on to Spring, right?  Sadie says yes please.  She's tired of having to poop inside when the weather outside is frightful (for her, that's anything under 45 degrees or any form of water falling from the sky).  Please, Spring, hurry up and get here!!


  1. Well I'm very jealous ... no snow at all here in MD. Sounds like Reese would fit in will with Hurley and Maggie ... one of his favorite activities is helping eat all the snow off the driveway so we can get to work!

  2. Only a couple inches of snow?! How I long to move to Portland...

    Hurley is so smart to make sure to taste all the snows - hopefully his older sisters have alerted him to stay away from the yellow snow, right?

  3. We got a lot of snow one night when I lived in Portland--and it seemed no one knew what to do with it! It was beautiful though, and very silent. Glad Hurley is enjoying it!

  4. aww, very cute. i'm with you on that spring thing. i say no gracias to winter in all its forms!

  5. Enjoy that snow!

    Stop on by for a visit