Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Magic

My day started out like it was Friday the 13th.  Payment mixup with a utility company that I had to straighten out before our water got turned off, Hurley broke the hook I tether him to at the shop, my credit card processing wasn't working first thing and I had to make customers wait.  I shrugged and said "Bring it on."  Friday the 13th mojo can't bring me down.

And then I got the most amazing phone call.  I answer the phone at the shop and the voice on the other end says "Hi - I found you through your blog and I think I have Hurley's sibling."  I'm sure all of us dog owners know the fantasy that is meeting your dog's litter mates, right?  And it's coming true for me!  How cool is that??
Baby Max
Baby Hurley

As Andrea and I talked, we became more convinced that Hurley and Max are in fact brothers. 

Max shares Hurley's love of "helping" with the dishes.
 Born at the same time, same type of experience with the person who had the litter, given the same paperwork, same markings, same inexplicable short hair for a Golden/St Bernard mix, same suspicion that they might be more of a Mastiff mix, same laid-back disposition.  With one giant exception.  Apparently Max is already about double Hurley's size.  Yup, that about confirms that Hurley was the runt.

Can you guess which dog this is?

What about this one?
Awww....they even sit alike!
We're hoping that Hurley & Max can get together soon.  He lives about an hour away from Portland, in Hood River, one of our favorite spots on the Columbia Gorge.  He gets to spend his days romping about his family's orchard.  I would say that these two litter mates both hit the doggie jackpot with their families!


  1. Aww I love the comparison pictures! I will definitely be sharing this...we should make Max and Hurley a Facebook page :-)

  2. omg that's amazing and awesome and sooo exciting!

    Haha Hurley the Runt. Poor kiddo. Hopefully he'll forgive his bruddah for picking on him once they're reunited!

  3. that is so cool! I think it's hilarious when our dogs help with the dishes too. My beagle growing up used to stand on the dishwasher door when it was down to get a better licking angle.

  4. Wow! That will be such an awesome experience!! They are both such great looking dogs. Wonder how Hurley will feel about meeting his brother?? You'll have to share everything!!

    Your comment on Brut and the two packs was so incredibly awesome! Thank you so much for being honest. My husband printed it out and is carry it around for those days when I really need to hear it!

  5. That is so cool! I would definitely say that both pups won the family jackpot!

    We were told that Turk had a sister he was found with when he was brought to the shelter, but she was adopted way before he was. Often when I take Turk on walks, I'll think I see his sister with other families. Alas, I've yet to receive a phone call from her actual owners. One can hope though, right?

  6. Neat! I know Sage has 2 brothers and one made it up to Portland from the shelter in Madras. It would be fun to meet your litter mate! I bet they'll get along quite well.

  7. That is great!! I hope you guys get together soon- I wonder if the boys would recognize each other?

  8. Wow, that is so sweet!

    I love Hood River too; my dogs used to have a wonderful time hanging out on my friend's orchard there too. I used to camp under the apple trees with my dogs in the van. NIce memory--thanks for bringing it back!

    That's so neat you found Max. Hope the sibs get to hang out soon.

  9. this is SO freakin cool, and i am super pumped for you. i really hope you guys get to hang out soon.

    by the way, desmond is all about helping with the dishes like that. :-)