Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Great Muffin Heist of 2012

So I was in the shower this morning, minding my own business, when I begin to detect the unmistakable sounds of a dog getting into mischief.  I strain my ears, wondering what on Earth Hurley could be getting into this time.  All the bread is on top of the fridge, the kitchen is clean, house is spic and span and then I remember....the Muffins!

I have one day off per week.  On this day, I always have lots of chores and errands but I make time to do one thing for me.  Just one thing just for me.  This week, I made Pumpkin Apple Cranberry muffins.  I had one.

So this morning after I detected the unmistakable sounds of Hurley ruining my morning, I hurry to finish my shower and open the bathroom door.  He bounds in, still licking his chops.  If that wasn't evidence enough, I present the following:

The complete lack of crumbs, anywhere, indicate that this was a professional heist.

As is customary when a certain puppy is creating mischief, I found the other two hiding out in their room.

 Someone's tummy is bulging - maybe because 10 missing muffins are in there!

Are you kidding me?  HE WIPED HIS MOUTH ON MY BED.    

My great plans of having a quick, easy and delicious muffin for breakfast each morning this week have been dashed.  So I had toast.

Sad toast face.

Just remember this, buddy.  Payback is a bitch. 


  1. That's hilarious. When I was younger, I had a golden retriever who would pull the same kind of heist. She had a particular fondness for cookies.

  2. @Two Kitties One Pittie

    That explains it! Hurley's part Golden Retriever. :)

  3. Hurley, I need you on my team! I always get caught IN the act.

    Pauley James

  4. @Pauley, the Mr. or the Mrs.

    I'm sure Hurley would love to share his tips with you, Pauley. Like how he played nice for the entire afternoon and evening yesterday, never once showing any interest in the cooling muffins, in order to lull me into forgetting to put the muffins away. Or how he moved both the Brita and a bag without anything falling to the floor to make a bang and alert his Mom. Oh yes, he would love to share his tips!

  5. Uh oh someones in trouble

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. I was talking to my mom yesterday about how I totally missed out on Elli's puppy disobedience stage because I trained her so early and so to her liking that disobedience rarely ever occurred. I found myself wishing that I hadn't just so that I would have hilarious stories to tell (that obviously weren't so hilarious to witness)... but then I see your sad toast face and lol totally am so glad I had an adult dog in a puppy body. hahah.

  7. @Ximena

    If you would like to borrow Hurley sometime when you're cooking, I'm sure he would love to show off. :)