Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Today was my official getting into the Holiday Spirit day.  I started the Christmas baking and up went the tree.  The dogs were instrumental in distracting me helping!  :)

First, I got everything out for baking.  I mean everything.  And I arranged it all nicely for a blog picture - and then proceeded to move it all out of the way so I could get started!

Sadie & Hurley supervised from the comfort of their beds while Maggie kept the kitchen floor spic & span!

And then we got sidetracked by a little photo shoot.


Isn't he just the cutest puppy in the whole wide world??  Of course, with all the picture-taking, I did not get all the baking done that I wanted but we had fun.  After starting cookie dough, I took a break and headed out with Hurley to pick out our Christmas tree.  Somehow, I came home with a gi-normous tree that barely fits in our living room.  I blame it on Hurley.  The big tree made him look like a little puppy and I couldn't resist.

Sadie was a big help while I was decorating!


Then I ran out of Christmas lights and we had to take a break to get back to baking. 

Hurley was so kind as to "help" me with the Peanut Butter cup cookies.  And by help, I mean he snatched a half dozen off the counter while I wasn't looking.  One panicked google search on chocolate poisoning in dogs later and sigh of relief when I found he hadn't gotten enough chocolate to be worried, he was banished from the kitchen entirely.

The Hubster arrived with more Christmas lights and saved the day.  I finished up the tree and these three were so kind as to pose nicely for me!  


  1. Your dogs look to be about as much help as mine were! Has Hurley tried to mark the tree yet? Turk totally did and all I could do was almost 5 years, he's never done that before!

  2. @waldobungie

    Hurley has not figured out that he can lift his leg to pee. I'm hoping he never learns!

  3. That is quite the pose! I can't believe they all settled down so nicely for you at once--mine wouldn't dream of being so well-behaved, even for a moment! Sounds like you had a nice holiday fun day together.

  4. @Kirsten (peacefuldog)
    Thanks! I was pretty surprised that they were so willing to do photos but I take a million pictures of them nowadays and they seem to be resigned to photo shoots. I get a few "are we done yet, Mom?" looks though!

  5. You have far more Christmas energy than I do, I look more like Hurley & Sadie...

    This Saturday I will put up our tree and I know S & D will be as helpful as your dogs were. :-)

    It looks like you all had a fun time (minus the chocolate incident) and I'm sure Delilah will be helping me in the same way Maggie helped you. ;-)

  6. We are excited to have our tree up!

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. A friend of mine made 12 DOZEN peanut butter blossom cookies for gifts, took a shower, and came back to find her dog had eaten all but two! Her dog was fine but she did need her stomach flushed. What a nightmare!
    He must have thought you baked him some fantastic doggie biscuits. =)