Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fetching the Pug

So remember my small dog aggressive gal Maggie?  Her rehabilitation to accept small dogs has reached a new level even I could never have imagined nor made up.  (As an aside, I believe she deliberately does THE. MOST. AWESOME. THINGS. EVER. when the Hubster has her out and about and I am not there.  She obviously loves him best and robs me of the chance to personally experience the awesomeness that is Maggie.  But that's OK because whether I experience it firsthand or not, I still relish in relating the stories).

This morning, the Hubster took Maggie & Hurley to the dog park.  There he saw a canine family consisting of a humongous Mastiff and a Pug.  Hurley loves the Mastiff.  Maggie is indifferent to both, preferring to focus on her beloved ball.

On this chilly morning several days before Christmas, the Hubster tosses the ball to Maggie and low and behold, the Pug picks it up.  This is EXACTLY the situation that makes the Hubster and I hold our breath and prepare for the worst.  What will Maggie do?  Will she attack the Pug for stealing her precious ball?  Will she ignore it?  Will she attempt to play with it?  Will she distract it to get her ball back? 

Nope.  None of the above.  Maggie decided that no little Pug was going to interrupt her game of fetch so she. fetched. the. Pug.  Grabbed it by the sweater, picked it up in her mouth (with said ball still in the Pug's mouth) and deposited both Pug and ball at the Hubster's feet. 

I seriously cannot make this stuff up. 


  1. OMG! What did the pug do?! What did his owners say?!?! I wish your husband had brought a camera - I bet that photo would have been priceless!

  2. @waldobungie

    Apparently the pug was fine with it. Maggie did carry him only a few feet. His owner and the Hubster were both rolling on the ground, hysterical. I mean, really? Whose dog does that? And she wasn't shaking it or grabbing him by his scruff. She was simply fetching him. Ha!

  3. The pug was fine with it? Does this happen often to him? So crazy!