Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Photo-less Tuesday: Cuddling

I can't tell you how many moments I catch where I wish my camera was at hand.  But alas, the second I move, the moment is ruined.  Three pairs of eyes are honed in on me.  What's Mom doing?  Are we gonna get treats?  Where's the ball?  And with their focus on me, the precious moment that was is shattered into activity.

This past week, there were two such moments that stand out for me.

Each morning, I make my coffee and sit down to catch up on all the blogs.  Some days, I do this in bed.  And sometimes, I invite one, two or all three dogs to lounge about with me in bed.  OK.  Mostly it's just Maggie or Sadie as Hurley generally just wants to romp and play in the AM's.

Earlier this week, I did invite all 3 to lounge with me.  Hurley of course was more ready to play than to cuddle.  He and Maggie settled into a nice game of bitey mouth on the bed - Maggie probably not the most willing of participants at first but hey, she pretty much plays with her little bro whenever he wants.  She is cunning though and slowly decreased the intensity of bitey mouth until they were just laying there with both arms completely around each other, tongues hanging out and bitey mouth game forgotten.  It was such a precious moment and one I wish the camera could have caught.

The other moment this week came when I invited Maggie up one morning.  Maggie always lays at the end of the bed.  Always.  But this morning, she stood right next to me and then settled down in the crook of my arm.  While checking the blogs one-handed and left-handed at that was a tad difficult, having some special cuddle time with my Maggie Mae was truly special. 


  1. What sweet moments! Thank goodness we have built in cameras to always carry those blessings around. :)

  2. Having them next to us, giving us their company, warmth, total trust and all that inconditional love...........
    Wonderful, Incredibly Sweet Moments :)
    We are so lucky to have them around!!!!!!

  3. Someday, we will all be bionic beings and digital SLR's will be programmed into our brains so there's no need for making sure the camera is in our hands.:) But for now, I will just enjoy these special sweet moments and do my best to describe them!