Thursday, August 11, 2011


No, Maggie, not those type of balls.

Seriously, it's not Fetch time.

It IS time for your little brother to get neutered though.  So give him a big sloppy kiss, maybe share your toys a little more tonight.  Wish him a quick recovery and a smooth surgery.  And if you're really lucky, he might come home with The Cone of Shame so we can all have a good laugh.

Hurley's neutering is tomorrow.  He is also getting his abdominal hernia fixed. While a common issue for puppies and easy to fix, it does make his neuter a little more involved since it's not just a snip snip but a repair to the abdominal wall as well.  Wish this little guy a successful surgery and quick recovery.  I'm sure he'll be back on his paws in no time.  The issue will be getting him to be calm and prohibiting the zoomies for a few days while he recovers.  


  1. Good luck! Make sure to get lots of pictures in the cone of shame, so we can all have a good laugh as well!

  2. My best wishes for Hurley!
    What a Lovely boy you are!!