Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Boy Dogs vs Girl Dogs

Hurley is my first boy dog.

And oh boy!

I've always preferred female pets, not wanting to deal with leg humping, territory marking and other male behaviors.  But with 2 females in the house, we had several reasons to go with a boy.  While pack dynamics were a part of that decision, mostly it was the Hubster remarking that he wanted a dog he could wrestle with, since I had "ruined" our girls by making them uber affectionate.  They would rather love up on me than wrestle with him in the yard.  Sorry, babe.  I don't think that makes them ruined.  I think that makes them perfect!  But who am I?  Just a girl.

The girls prefer a nice lounge in the sun

When we first got Hurley, I expected the normal male behaviors like leg humping (which hasn't happened yet but I'm sure is just a matter of time with this little guy).  What I didn't realize is that Hurley would display other distinctly male behaviors - like a complete and utter disregard for his own safety...or his preference to tug over any other form of play and affection (the only way I can get him to cuddle in my lap is to entice him with a tug toy onto my lap)...but mostly the lack of concern for his well being.

Hurley, if nothing else, Is. A. Boy.  He's rough.  He's tumble.  He's adventurous.  He's fearless.  He crashes into things.  Plows over things.  Digs under things.  He's always getting dirty and he's always getting in trouble.

He adores 8 year old boys.  Probably because they are perfect to get into trouble with.  You don't hear 8 year old boys saying "I don't think Mom would like that" or "You're going to get into trouble".  These are both things my 8-year old girl self said many times to my brother, who completely ignored me and did those boyish getting-into-trouble mischievous things anyway.

I think I'm going to go have a tea party with Maggie & Sadie.  Maybe we'll play House.  Hurley will likely be in the backyard planning his great escape.  That or chasing bugs.

Have you noticed distinct gender differences in your dogs?


  1. Maybe it's because Parker and Skye both look like the wrong gender that I don't see many typical boy/girl traits. Skye especially loves to run into things at full speed, wrestle and romp, and generally act nothing like a lady. While Parker does love to pee on every tree he can reach on our walk and get as dirty as possible, he also makes sure to fluff his bed before laying in it and wipe his mouth after he eats. They're just backwards!

  2. I wish any of my dogs wiped their mouths after they ate! Must figure out how to train that behavior :)