Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Fun Day: Sunset Beach

The Hubster and I recently loaded up his Jeep for a trip to Sunset Beach, just north of Seaside, OR.  We love this spot because we can drive out onto the beach and find a nice open spot before unleashing our demons our much beloved and always perfectly behaved pooches.

Who you talking 'bout, Willis?

This was the first trip we have made with all 3 dogs in the back of the Hubster's Wrangler with the top off.  Because I'm a worry-wart, we have a system by which we attach each dog via a harness and by leash & collar.  The harness is either connected to a zip-line at the top of the Jeep or via belt buckles on the floor.  This is the primary attachment and the leash attached to collar and frame of Jeep is our backup system in case the harness fails, or with Sadie, in case she sees water, we are at a stop and she jumps out wriggling out of the harness (yes, it's happened which is why we have the two attachment system).

Jumping Waves

I was super happy with how the dogs did.  An hour and a half drive is a long way and they were stellar.  Well, except for whomever decided to poop in the back of the Jeep 10 minutes before we arrived at our destination.  That was not so stellar. 

It wasn't me, Mom.  I swear!

But after cleaning up the Jeep, I had one of these:

And found one of these:

And all was right in the world again.

As always, the dogs had a great time at the beach.  And spent the next couple days completely tuckered out.  Thanks, Beach!


  1. If someone left a present, you're lucky you already had the top down. :)

    Looks like a great day.

  2. What a great day at the beach! And there ain't nothing like tired out pups for the ride home.

  3. Great shots! Looks like a fun day at the beach :)

  4. Aww! What a nice family outing! But ohhh no... pooping the car?? When you gotta go, you gotta go, I guess!

  5. I'd be interested to see a picture of the harness system you use. Hubby has been looking for a safety belt for the dogs when they are in his wrangler.

    We are lucky that neither one attempts to jump out, but none-the-less I usually hold tight to the leashes, just in case.

    It looks like your pups had a fine time, I love the pictures with sand all over them. :-)

  6. I love going to that part of the Oregon coast. Sounds like a lot of fun was had by all!

    Sage is tethered to a seat belt in the car also. I feel a bit safer with it.

  7. Looks like a great time!! I so wish we were within driving distance of a beach. I bet the dogs had a blast!

  8. Great pix! You guys are so lucky to have a spot like this to play in. Also, I totally love Blue Moon!