Friday, July 6, 2012

Hurley Badger Don't Care: Inaugural Post

We have a saying around our house....Hurley Don't Care.  It's a saying that perfectly encapsulates his personality - he takes what he wants and doesn't give a shit.   He is not affected by the world around him, nor influenced by others' disapproval.  He goes about his business, doing what he wants and with little regard for his own safety.  'Cause Hurley Don't Care.

It's always said in the same voice you say in your head when you look at all those "Honey Badger Don't Care" internet meme's.  This is important. 

So say it with me now:  "Hurley Badger Don't Care".  Give it some sass.  Hurley deserves it.

Hurley Badger Don't Care is making its internet debut, right here, right now:

Every so often, I'll share stories that showcase his Hurley Badger Don't Care personality.

For today's inaugural Hurley Badger Don't Care post, we bring you the 4th of July.  While most pet owners safely ensconce their precious dogs inside, possibly drugged up and certainly chewing happily on a Kong, we knew that Hurley wouldn't have an adverse reaction to the fireworks.  You could shoot a gun, set off a fire cracker, blow a fog horn, etc right next to this dog's head and he wouldn't even turn his head to look.  'Cause Hurley Badger Don't Care.

So what did we do when the fireworks started going off?  We went for a walk.  For an hour and a half, we wandered around our neighborhood.  Did Hurley get startled by the fireworks? No.  Did he even acknowledge the explosions occurring a block away?  No. 


'Cause Hurley Badger Don't Care.


  1. Hilarious!! Love the Hurley Badger! And lucky you... our Fourth was spent pretty much as you described: hiding in the house, piles of calming treats, and lots and lots of panicked barking!

  2. LOL go Hurley Badger! Delilah is a badger too. She just doesn't give a shit what anyone says or does.

  3. He also might be respectfully patriotic... ;)

  4. That's pretty amazing! Like water off a ducks back, eh? Nice to have a dog with that sort of attitude.

  5. Hurley should give July 4 seminars to other dogs starting around the first of the month. Great attitude.

  6. My kinda Dawg!!!! woo woo woo!

  7. Here's hoping the Hurley Badger makes his reappearance back at your store. :)

  8. Too funny! Hurley & our Annie sound like they have the same attitude :) We spent the evening trying to calm the rest of the gang.