Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Special Singles

At our house, the dogs feel very lucky that they are no longer "single".  We can enjoy our Valentine's Day with the comfort of knowing there's a never-ending supply of snuggles, food, treats, more food, snacks, more snuggles...well, you get the point.  But as happy as we are to be in a committed familial relationship, not every dog is so lucky.  This Valentine's Day, we'd like to devote our blog to highlighting some special singles who are waiting for their soul mates and forever homes.

First up, we have adoptable Gavin.  Gavin is spending his days currently at Family Dogs New Life Shelter here in Portland, which as far as shelters go, is not a bad place to be waiting for his Valentine.  He's a Pittie Basset Hound mix.  Yup, he rides low, folks.  And he's got the funniest Piteo that you simply need to watch (just click on his name above)!  I've got a feeling this stud is not going to be single much longer.

Mocha here is looking for love this Valentine's Day and how can you resist that gorgeous mug?!?  Mocha was found on the streets of Portland, likely abandoned by her family after she had a litter of puppies.  This gal deserves a comfy bed, warm home and someone to love her for the rest of her days!   Mocha is currently at the Multnomah County Shelter.  They do a great job featuring their adoptable pitties but as with any county shelter, space is tight and Mocha needs her jail break to happen soon.  

And for our final single dog, we'd like you to meet Adoptable Moose.  Moose is a Pittie Mastiff mix, is a cuddle monster and, through on fault of his own, is once again searching for his soul mate.  He's had some rough times but even though he's been let down, he still adores all people.  Moose is currently being fostered by Born Again Pit Bull Rescue in Sherwood, OR.  Moose would love nothing more than to find his forever Valentine and snuggle away the rest of his years trying to fit in your lap. 


  1. Love this idea! I was looking at the first picture of the single, gasping, then as I scrolled down I realized each was unbelievable cute!

  2. I'm so glad that you can help spread the word about these awesome fur babies looking for their forever homes, but it makes me so damn mad that so many of them are pittie mixes. Not because I don't like pitties, because I do, but because of all the bullshit (can I say that on your blog?) BSL that is going on right now.