Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sometimes It Just Takes a Mom's Touch

Last night, I turned in early.  As in, "I'm going to read a bit" turns into me sound asleep by the time the Hubster joins me at our normal bed time.

The Hubster followed Hurley's bed time routine - let dogs out for a potty break, inside for a sip of water then all 3 settle on their beds and the door to our spare bedroom the dog's room is shut. 

Hurley started whining.  And whining.  And whining.  When Hurley whines, it usually is that he is thirsty, hungry or needs to go out.  Or wants attention.  Or misses his mom.  Or Maggie & Sadie aren't sleeping in the same room with him.  

Last night the Hubster got up to settle him down.  A "go lay down and be quiet" later, we got a 5 second reprieve from the whining.  After another 5 minutes of constant whining, I got up.  I performed the exact same routine as the Hubster - I let him outside and allowed him a quick sip of water.  He immediately settled down on his bed without a whine and I shut the door.  Silence, blessed silence.

I guess the little bugger just wanted his mom to tuck him in!

Does your dog have any bedtime routines?


  1. We've had some of those experiences with Honey. We don't know why some nights she's just not ready to go to sleep and will start whining in her crate.

    Maybe you're right and like a kid, she just wants a little attention from the folks.

  2. Awww...sounds like our home. Maybe your early turn in didn't quite cut it for him ;-)

  3. We start with having them go outside, as soon as they come in Sampson goes right into the bedroom. Delilah makes a last lap around the making sure there are no scraps of food laying about then comes into the bedroom. If Hubby isn't in yet, she will curl up next to me on the bed and get some rubbies. Once Hubby is in she jumps down and sits beside the bed while I use carrots to lure Sampson up to his spot on the bed. Half a carrot for her, half for him. Once they carrots are gone Delilah is encouraged to get on the bed. If she curls up at Hubby's feet, that's the end. If she curls up next to me I must reach down and stroke her for about five minutes. Then she puts her head on my feet and goes to sleep. Meanwhile Sampson is laying between Hubby and me and getting pet by his Dad. Yes, this plays out every single night. :-)

    I think it is cute that Hurley wants mom, anytime Hubby is doing something differently than I am and Sampson is looking at him with his head cocked I say, "But daddy, mommy doesn't do it that way" :-)

  4. It's hard to say what is in the minds of our dogs, but I'm convinced that no matter how weird their behavior seems to us, it's perfectly logical to them. :)

  5. Gotta love a Momma's boy! Parker will lay on the couch on the other side of the room all night. When I decide to go to bed and get up, he runs to the stairs and sits at the bottom. When I say 'upstairs' he runs up before I turn off the lights, then goes and sleeps with my mom! I don't know why he's so particular about everything else if he doesn't even sleep in my room!

  6. Funny! And, oh, yes. We have routines...but the funniest is when I turn off my Kindle and am ready to go to sleep. Toby and Sage hear the click and are right there waiting for that last bedtime treat. Then it's off to bed for both!