Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The One Thing Hurley Can't Reach

Nothing seems to be sacred in our house any more.  Hurley can and will reach all countertops, table tops and other surfaces that heretofore, we used to keep things out of his reach.  However, there is one place he hasn't figured out how to get up on yet:

My morning ritual is to make coffee, grab my laptop and head back to bed to catch up on all things interwebs.  Most times, I invite all the dogs up.  Hurley has not figured out how to jump up on the bed yet.  This from the puppy who figured out how to jump/plow over my garden fence at 3 months of age.  Sure the bed is higher but he's watched his big sisters jump up countless times.  And by big sisters, we are no longer talking 'bout size.  Hurley has surpassed Sadie in weight and Maggie in height; he's the big guy around the house now.  The big guy who can't figure out how to jump up on a bed. 

So every morning, Maggie & Sadie climb aboard while Hurley whines for a little bit, might put his front paws up, gives me his sad puppy dog eyes and then settles into his spot between the bed & dresser.

 I know he'll figure it out someday.  I just hope it's before he's too big to fit along with the 3 of us!


  1. Big Carl likes to hide behind the bed because he knows he is the only one who fits!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  2. Poor Hurley! He looks so sad curled up down there. But I am sure he'll be up causing mayhem in no time so I advise you to enjoy these days while they last! ;-)

  3. That is too funny! I can't believe that he has not figured it out yet. Enjoy it while you can :)

  4. @Kari - I think you're on to something. Hurley has always liked to curl up in between, under or otherwise in tights spots. He also likes to dig to such places too.

    @Kristine - I secretly suspect that Hurley doesn't mind. He is the dog who has no qualms going after whatever he wants. If he really wanted up on the bed, he'd get there. I think he does want my attention but is happy in his little spot so doesn't whine about it too much.

  5. Awwww...I remember when my dogs didn't know how to get on the bed....that's definitely not the case anymore!!