Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Building Trust

Slowly but surely, we are building trust here.  Three months ago I wouldn't have thought about turning my back with cooling cake and bubbling sauce on the stove.  Nowadays?  Let's have a photo shoot, why don't we?

 Hurley's totally bored with this photo shoot!

 Hurley's not the only one I torture with who loves photo shoots!

Matching drool.  Gross.
We had veggie lasagna and carrot cake for the Hubster's birthday and Hurley didn't screw it up by surfing the meal from the counters at any stage of the cooking process.  I'm not sure if I should categorize that as progress on his part or major leap of faith on mine!


  1. I do not know if I should be more jealous that you cook or the fact that the pups are letting you :)

  2. LOL - this cracked me up because we're nowhere near that level of trust with our newest, Fenway. My girls I can trust around food, but not him - he's a bit of a chow monster...
    Well done on your part and theirs! And Happy Birthday to the hubby!

  3. Hurley has turned a corner recently; he seems to now favor the garbage over the counters. I wouldn't trust him for any length of time but so far, I've managed to step outside for a few minutes and taken a shower without any counter surfing going on. Yippee for progress! Now about that pesky trash can habit...

  4. Nowadays I can leave things on the counter when I'm in the house but the second I step outside anything is fair game - including any dirty dishes that I may be foolish enough to leave in the sink.
    But when I first got Billy, nothing was sacred. I once turned my back to the counter to pick up the telephone and in that split second he was up and chewing on the carrot cake I'd just taken out of the oven for Thanksgiving. Sigh...