Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Big Head Hurley

There's no doubt this little guy is going to have a BIG St Bernard head!

But where does this curly tail come from?


  1. hello there, i'm yuki a miniature schnauzer. corkscrew tails are so cute, i just have a little nub for a tail, so be proud of that long curly tail!

  2. We're so glad we followed you from the blog hop...we LOVE your big St. Bernard head and no matter where you got that corscrew tail it sure is cute!

    Sugar the Who

  3. What a beautiful face. I have never seen a curly tail like that. Can't tell you what breed might have donated it.

  4. Thanks! Hurley LOVES being admired. Seriously, he has a fan club here at my store.

    We think the corkscrew tail could come from the following breeds: Husky, Akita, Chow, Pug. Or it could just be how St Bernard tails are when they are puppies and uncurl as he gets older. I will be super bummed if he grows out of this tail!