Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Long Overdue Post 3: Sadie's (Not Even Close to) Wordless Wednesday

Sadie's Come Hither Pose
In December, we had Sadie's annual vet visit and she, as always, excelled.  That bump I've been monitoring?  A worry-free wart.  Teeth?  Exceptional for a seven year old.  Fearful behavior?  Ha!  This girl charmed everyone's pants off and was nothing but happy to be checked over.  That pudge?  Umm...yeah, we gotta do something about that.

It's official.  Sadie's gained back her 5 pound pudge.  I think this makes it the third time we've had to slim her down and I knew it was coming.  She is looking pretty svelte in that photo though, right?  I think we might have already shaved off a couple pounds this last month just by switching her back to a grain-free diet and cutting about 1/8 cup off her daily meals.  I hate for my girl to suffer on a diet by herself so I've resolved this New Year to lose a few pounds myself.  She's a lot cuter being hungry, grumpy girl than I am!

We decided to start her on glucosamine this winter too.  I'm happy to report that the girl who struggled to get out of bed before 8 is usually up and about with the Hurley monster well before 7.   Except on weekends.  Not so happy about that.  This middle-aged lady just needed a little extra help with her creaky bones. Her energy level is up and she has even forsaken her super comfy bed for a wee blanket on the floor to be closer to Mom & Dad.   That's more like my girl!

This year marked the first I started to talk to our vet about senior care and though she's still a year away from me being ready to call her an Elder-bull, she's started to slow down.  Which suits me just fine 'cause she's now going at my pace.  I think they call these the Golden Years. :)

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  1. Sadie certainly looks happy! Glad to hear that all is going well with her & that the glucosamine has given her a little boost.Good luck to both of you on shedding the pounds; we could all stand to lose a few at my house!