Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The "Your Dog" Syndrome

We have the "Your Dog" Syndrome in our home.  One of the dogs Hurley gets into trouble and when I relate the incident to the Hubster (or vice versa), he is suddenly not 'my' dog and all 'your' dog.


When Hurley chewed up the somewhere around fifth pair of the Hubster's shoes in the past couple months


When Hurley busted out of his crate and went on a several hundred dollar destruction spree, otherwise known as Doggie Pick Up Sticks in the den


When Hurley got upset that Sadie was getting a walk and got himself stuck underneath our patio

This was cute as a puppy....not so much anymore

So I know if I receive an email, gchat, text or call  that starts with "Your Dog", it's 'cause this guy:

got himself into a little trouble.

Do you have the "Your Dog" Syndrome with your partner?


  1. I am guilty of doing this, but it is all in fun....right :)

  2. OH yeah! My hubby and I each have unofficially our own dogs, so we are always throwing YOUR DOG around each other especially when said dog acts like their 'owner'.

    Always in fun!

  3. But how can you be mad at the Hurley Badger? You just can't....those eyes just hypnotize you into being not mad. You just have to smile and go "oh HURLEY!"

    PS - Daniel totally calls the dogs "his dogs" when they are good and "my dogs" when they are bad. It's ridiculous.

  4. Oh yes, we have the YOUR dog syndrome with Delilah compared to the MY dog syndrome with Sampson. :-)

    BTW, I also have the YOUR mother syndrome with my sisters. :-)

  5. Ha, we don't have that so much! Except maybe when we talk about how Braylon ended up so spoiled under her dad's babying...

  6. When we had Agatha and Christie, Agatha was my dog and Christie was my husband's. Luckily they both got into plenty of trouble so neither of us felt left out. :)

    Hope Hurley finds some less expensive entertainment options soon. :)

  7. I'm not sure I want to know, but what was the "before" of the pick-up sticks?

    Around here it's equal opportunity dog owning. Although, I do routinely engage in my "I do all the work with the dog" lecture.

  8. It's more like 'your cats' and 'my dog' around here. Although I'm usually the one cleaning up after them!!

  9. Haha, no, Florian is too besotted with Fozzie to distance himself emotionally even when he misbehaves :) Doesn't change who does all the cleaning up, however...