Thursday, December 22, 2011

Award Season

Wow!  I received 4 awards this past week.  I'm so tickled to receive them and from some pretty great blogs.  I received the Liebster Award from Identify V + E & The (Mis)Adventures of Sage (both fellow Portland bloggers) as well as from Life with Desmond.  Thanks guys!

The Liebster award is one of my favorite awards.  The requirements for accepting and passing on are pretty easy peasy and it's geared towards shining a spotlight on the smaller blogs around.  Me likey.  I basically pass this on to 5 blogs who likely have 200 or less followers. 

And on top of the Liebster Award, Of Pitbulls and Patience also gave me the Kreativ Blogger award.  Holy moly, I'm swimming in awards around here!  The Kreativ Blogger award requires you to share 10 things about you (or in this case, about the pooches).  And then it gets passed on to 6 other bloggers.  But I'm kinda cheating on this one, folks, 'cause I'm passing on both the Liebster AND Kreative Blogger awards to the 5 blogs listed below.  2 birds, 1 stone and all. :)  But first, here are 10 things you've been dying to know about Maggie, Sadie & Hurley:

1.  I figured out that Sadie did not lick the fur off of Hurley's face because she loves to groom him; rather, she loves eye boogers and his are apparently super duper delicious.  All together now....GROSS!

2.  Sadie eats poop.  She is teaching Hurley the joys of eating poop.  He prefers cat poop himself.  Maggie has tried poop but she's not a connoisseur.  MORE GROSS!

3.  We got Sadie because we wanted a big sister for Maggie so she would not try to go home with all the other dogs at the dog park.

4.  The Hubster has found/picked out/adopted all 3 of our dogs.  I had final say on Sadie but he surprised me with both Maggie and Hurley as puppies.  I think he's addicted to surprising me with puppies.  Not a bad addiction at all, if I do say so myself. 

5.  Maggie once caught a fish, for realz.  This was one of the many awesome things she has done in the Hubster's presence only.  I think she thought it was a shiny rock. 

6.  Sadie is a mouser.  She goes crazy when she smells rodent anywhere on our property and, at our last house, was known to disappear in the basement and emerge hours later with her catch. 

7.  Maggie has had a vagino-plasty, or as I like to call it, hoo-ha surgery.  This greatly helped with her chronic UTI's but did not cure the incontinence, which we will deal with her entire life. 

8. All of my dogs jump up on the counter at the vet to get a treat.  This is the only counter Maggie & Sadie have ever jumped on and the only counter they are all allowed to jump up on. 

9.  Maggie hates the vacuum and has a love/hate relationship with the broom.  It scares her yet it always magically makes the lost tennis balls reappear.  Sadie doesn't care about either and I have to physically move her lazy butt out of the way when I'm cleaning.

10.    Both Maggie & Hurley can catch treats; Sadie can't even try. They just hit her in the face.  If she is able to pull herself together enough to react at all while something is flying at her face, it is to flinch away, not to catch it. 

And here are the 5 blogs that I am passing these great awards on to.  They are a delight to read!  If you do not follow them already, you should! 

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Happy Award Season, everybody!


  1. Thanks for the award! I'll have to think long and hard about 10 things to share about myself!

  2. Fun fun! Have you tried giving the dogs pineapple to stop the poop eating? It tastes good going down, but apparently is terrible tasting once digested. I've had tons of clients see the poop eating stop after 1 bad experience. As far as eating Kitty Snickers, I can't help you there. Sorry!

  3. Congratulations on your awards! Very cool! We too have a mouser dog in the house. I swear she is better than the cats. Doesn't matter what it is, if it is rodent she is digging for it.

  4. Hello! Happy holidays!

  5. Awesome.....Congratulations on all your awards!!!! It means, this is "A Blog Well Done"
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  6. Yay for awards! What is it about those darn vacuum cleaners? I hate, hate, hate ours. Biting it doesn't seem to shut it up though. Mom threw me outdoors yesterday--I like that much better than being inside thinking it's going to eat me......

  7. ha ha! those facts were GREAT!! congrats on all your awards